Is the Mathematikum for us?

Yes - everyone can enjoy the exhibition!

No matter if your group is on a staff outing, a class reunion or a senior citizen group - the Mathematikum is happy to welcome you.

The experiments are designed in a way that allows people of all backgrounds to engage in them. Because of this, the Mathematikum is also a great place for mixed groups.

Each registered group is welcomed by a Mathematikum staff member and receives a short introduction of about 10 minutes, including the presentation of one experiment. If you already have something in mind you'd like to see during the introduction, feel free to tell us.


If you're planning to visit as a group, please book in advance so we can make sure each group can enjoy a perfect stay at Mathematikum.

You can book via e-mail to, use our contact form or call +49 (0) 641 13091-20.