Hands-on mathematics for smaller children

Mini-Mathematikum is a separate area created especially for children from 4 to 8 years.
The experiments in Mini-Mathematikum follow Mathematikum's main idea and are adjusted to smaller children in content and size. The mathematical basics "numbers", "shapes" and "patterns" can be investigated in lots of different ways.

At the puzzle table, children can try to assemble a ball pyramid or find the right order for colorful sqares. They can feel shapes or see themselves infinitely from all sides inside the mirror house or wonder at finding out that the shortest route isn't always the quickest.
These and many other mathematical experiments await your children.

Monday to Friday morning, the Mini-Mathematikum is reserved for registered groups. Individual visitors are welcome in the afternoons.
On weekends and during Hesse school holidays Mini-Mathematikum is open for families all day long.