The Initiator

Prof. Dr. Albrecht Beutelspacher

Prof. Albrecht Beutelspacher has always taken interest in communicating mathematics  to a broad public audience.
He is a passionate and very successful university teacher, encouraged by his corporate work and numerous visits to Italy.

"In corporate work environment I learned, that it is essential to communicate mathematics to non-mathematicians. In Italy I encountered how much fun a good presentation means for the audience."
Driven by these experiences, first talks, publications and books (e.g. "The Golden Section") evolved.

His positively largest step was the founding of Mathematikum.

But he also successfully works in other fields of popularizing mathematics. He writes monthly columns in "Bild der Wissenschaft", Germanys largest magazine for popular science, had a 25 episode TV-feature "Hands-on Mathematics" on br-alpha and radio appearances on a regular basis. Last not least he is an outstanding autor of popular science books.
He was awarded several prizes for his work. 

  • Archimedes-Förderpreis der MNU
  • Communicator-Preis des Stifterverbands für die deutsche
    Wissenschaft (2000)
  • Hessischer Kulturpreis (2008)
  • Dr. h.c. der Universität Siegen (2009)
  • Hessischer Verdienstorden (2016)
Prof. Albrecht Beutelspacher