Mathematikum for all

Mathematics for all also means that everybody should be able to access the Mathematikum and the experiments.

Please use this site to gain information about the Mathematikum's accessibility. If there are any questions or problems, don't hesitate to contact us before your visit or directly talk to our staff while you're here.

Wheelchairs and walkers

There are two parking spaces available for disabled visitors in front of the Mathematikum. You can reach the front and back entrance over a ramp.

The majority of rooms in the Mathematikum are fully accessible. The only exception is one smaller room on the ground floor that has five steps with a handrail. Disabled toilets are on the ground floor of the exhibition area.

There are seven steps at the entrance of the exhibition which you can go up using a lift. The lift's capacity is 225 kg. The platform is 100 x 75 cm. We can provide a compatible wheelchair if yours doesn't fit.

The majority of the experiments are accessible for wheelchair users.

Blind and visually impaired visitors

A lot of the experiments also work for people without our with impaired sight.

Some of them were recently worked over in cooperation with the Blista Marburg. You can recognize them by the Braille titles on the labels. 

If you'd like someone to guide you to an experiment that works well for visually impaired visitors, please contact our staff.

You can of course bring your seeing-eye dog with you.