Refresh and get ready for more mathematical experiences!

In our cafeteria you get the opportunity to relax whilst eating a freshly baked pretzel or discuss your new mathematical experiences over a cappuccino.

We offer, among others, coffee specialities, soda, baked goods, sweets and ice cream.

Please note that the range of baked goods can vary and might be sold out later in the day. 
If you'd like baked goods for a larger group, please let us know at the beginning of your visit and we will cater your needs.

Among other things the cafeteria offers:


1,50 €


2,00 €

Cafe Latte

2,50 €


1,50 €

Chocolate Muffin

1,50 €

Piece of Cake

2,00 €

Fresh Pretzel1,00 €


Take a piece of the Mathematikum experience back home with you

Unfortunately the shop is currently closed. You can purchase a selection of our most popular shop products in the entrance area or shop online.

Our math-shop offers a range of high quality products for you.
You can get small versions of puzzles that puzzled you in the Mathematikum, a selection of books and our unique math-wear.

Our staff is happy to help you with any questions.

All books by the founder of the Mathematikum, Prof. Albrecht Beutelspacher, are available personally signed.


You can't come to our shop at the Mathematikum? Visit the online shop! It is in German only but web-based translators do a very good job. You can always place your orders in English via email at