Answers to our visitors’ most frequent questions

Age Groups

Mathematikum is great for people of all ages.
For children from 4 to 8 years, Mini-Mathematikum is perfect. Once per month senior citizens are invited to take part at a special afternoon program.


Babies and Infants

Of course your youngest children are welcome, too.

There are two diaper changing tables in the exhibition area. (In the disabled toilet and in the ladies toilet in Mini-Mathematikum.)

In the cafeteria we'll be happy to warm up your baby bottle or food. Upon request there is a high chair available as well.



Mathematikum is fully accessible, with an elevator reaching all floors. There is just one small room that has three steps leading to it.

There are some steps in the entrance area. To enter the exhibition with a wheelchair you can use the stair lift. Please note that the lift has a platform size of 100 x 75 cm and can carry up to 225 kg.

The fully accessible toilet is on the ground floor in the exhibition area.

Corona virus

We have made every possible preparation to make your stay fun and enjoyable. Corona virus or not.

If you can, please let us know you're coming. This helps us with our schedule and makes sure you won't have to wait at the entrance.

More information about the safety measures are listed under "visitor information".

Food and Drinks

Mathematikum’s cafeteria offers soft drinks, coffee, cappuccino, cake, sandwiches, ice cream and much more at family-friendly prices.

Please note that eating and drinking is not allowed inside the exhibition.



Taking pictures for private use is generally permitted. If you wish to take pictures for medial or commercial use, please talk to us first.


Guided Tours

Mathematikum’s experiments work best when exploring them on your own. A guided tour usually isn’t necessary.

If you’re interested in a guided tour nonetheless, you have the option to take part at a scheduled tour (in German) or contact our booking staff for an individual tour.

All pre-booked groups automatically receive an introduction of about 10 minutes.


Dogs and other pets are not permitted at Mathematikum. Please leave your four-legged friend at home.

This does not apply to guide dogs.


Opening Hours

The Mathematikum is open every day – including Mondays.
We’re closed at 24th, 25th and 31st December.



The modern and reasonably priced car park "Bahnhofstraße" is in the immediate neighborhood of Mathematikum (4€/day).

Go past Mathematikum towards the main station and take the next possible turn left.


Lockers & Safekeeping

There are free lockers in the entrance area which require a deposit of 2€.
Pre-booked groups are provided with a box in which they can lock all their bags. You will receive the key from our staff.


All our experiments are labelled in German and English. For a deposit you can borrow a French translation of all labels at the entrance.


When visiting individually you'll want to schedule two or three hours. Many people, however, stay the better part of a day.

If you wish to make use of the quiet hours, go for afternoons outside Hessian school holidays, especially Mondays and Fridays.