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Current information concerning the coronavirus

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Hygiene – medical face masks

We recommend wearing medical face mask during your stay. Please disinfect your hands when you enter the building.

Exhibition – using a mapped route

In normal times, you can move freely through all the Mathematikum. Right now, a route is mapped through the exhibition. One staircase leads up, the other down. You will of course have no difficulty in accessing all of the exhibits.

We removed some experiments because it is hard to practice hygiene precautions while using them (e.g. exhibits that you need get very close to with your face). This unfortunately also concerns some favorite experiments. To compensate for that, we re-activated attractive experiments from our collection. You can still enjoy almost 200 exhibits and also look forward to rarely shown, exciting exhibits from past special exhibitions.

Test centers – get tested in the neighborhood of the Mathematikum

Children without a Testheft and anyone not vaccinated for medical reason can get their rapid antigen tests in one of the test centers nearby:

DRK-Testcenter (Seltersweg 83), Lahn-Apotheke im Martinshof (Liebigstraße 20). Both centers also offer tests for children.

There are also several private providers. Please check the district's list.