Our Vision

Mathematics for everybody

Mathematikum opens a new door to mathematics. In the exhibition you can work with more than 170 interactive exhibits and explore the fascinating world of mathematics by playing – and thinking.

You may try to solve geometrical puzzles, you can discover the golden ratio at your own body, find yourself in a giant soap bubble, see yourself an infinite number of times, and much more. You will learn that mathematics is everywhere.

In Mathematikum, school classes can enjoy a new approach to mathematics, which is not based on equations and symbols. Individual visitors, in particular families, will spend a stimulating and relaxing day.

In Mathematikum all visitors will certainly experience the triad "hands-on, minds-on, hearts-on".

This concept works for everyone: For math haters and math afficionados, for youngsters and adults, for those who dislike reading and those who already know a lot about maths.